Lynberg & Watkins represents professional clients in a wide range of fields such as architecture, engineering, construction management, accounting, insurance, real estate, security, law, environmental testing, medical malpractice, care facilities and treatment centers.

In defending architects, engineers and construction managers, the firm represents clients against claims involving single-family homes to billion dollar resort hotels. These claims can involve allegations of design defects, improper project management or the miscalculation of engineering or geotechnical tolerances. Liability with respect to real estate transactions stems from a wide variety of circumstances, such as inspection, appraisal, escrow, property listing and warranty disputes, representation of buyers and sellers, brokerage obligations, among others. Claims for medical malpractice and negligence of care facilities and treatment centers requires knowledge of the medical and/or treatment modality in order to defend and manage the risk in a manner acceptable to the client.

The firm works closely with the professional client in order to formulate the best possible defense strategy. Lynberg & Watkins represents professionals facing these claims in a manner that aggressively protects their interests, yet at the same time minimizes their ultimate risk, inasmuch as claims of professional negligence, more than other types of claims, are especially personal to the client. No alleged claim is too small or insignificant.

Lynberg & Watkins also has extensive experience litigating insurance coverage issues regarding this practice area. For more information, see Insurance Coverage.

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Each one of our practice areas is highly regarded, and our attorneys are recognized for their commitment to the representation of our clients' interests.