Donna Tobar

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Ms. Tobar provides a full range of litigation and counseling services in the areas of construction, suretyship, and government contracting. She has successfully represented clients in various legal settings, including litigation (state and federal), mediation, arbitration, and various informal settings (including counseling services during contract performance).

Ms. Tobar has prepared, advocated, and successfully resolved a large variety of complex claims and legal issues. Representative claims and issues that she has handled for construction matters include, but are not limited to: total cost and modified total cost claims, productivity/inefficiency claims, delay claims, change order claims, differing site condition claims, claims for defective workmanship, claims for defective design, claims for negligence against design professionals, contract compliance on live construction projects, pass-through claims, termination, insurance coverage, labor audits, and reviews, stop notice claims, mechanic’s lien claims, and False Claims Act claims. Ms. Tobar has handled disputes on federal, public works, industrial, commercial, and residential projects.  Ms. Tobar has substantial expertise in successfully pursuing and resolving claims on public works projects, including underground construction and school projects.

Ms. Tobar has substantial experience successfully handling all aspects of surety-specific matters from the time that an account first goes into “claims” through the final resolution of all bond claims and indemnity issues. As such, she has had over 18 years of experience handling performance bond claims (with a heavy focus on pursuing affirmative claims against bond obligees), takeover efforts by sureties (including contract negotiation and project oversight), indemnity transactions and litigation, payment bond claims, bad faith claims, setting and adjusting reserves, and surety financing.

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Donna Tobar